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Why should you hire a professional resume writer you ask? Why do you hire a professional electrician, plumber, marketer, hair dresser, 

or lawyer? Their expertise in their field! Having a professional resume writer is no different. We know what recruiters are looking for, what the resume needs to possess to pass the Applicant Tracking Systems screening process, and we are professional writers who know how to best showcase your experience, skills,, and accomplishments to get you the interview. 

At Write Stuff Resumes, we are constantly striving to better perfect the art of resume writing. Each resume is customized to the client’s specific needs and target job. We focus on the structure and overall theme and appearance of your resume so you can put your best foot forward with each job you apply for.  

Our goal is simple – get you noticed and get you interviewed! We do this with one simple thing in mind. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Just like any great work of writing, an author must know who their audience is and then write for that audience. Likewise, your resume should be written for its intended audience (recruiters, hiring managers, and computer based applicant tracking systems.)

Featured Resume Writer

Tania brings with her a BA in English from St. Catherine University and 20+ years professional writing experience. Professional Resume Writer

Her passion for resume writing began as a young adult when she was trying to get her first job as a professional. After a couple of months of no interviews (and not even a call back) she became worried that she might never get a job. With few options, she decided to call a professional resume writer to help draft a new resume. Within two weeks of sending out her new resume, she had multiple interviews and a week later landed that much needed new job that launched her career. She knows firsthand how stressful the job search can be and that sometimes we just need professional help. 

Her love of writing and need to help others is what pushed her to return to college and study English (while working full-time and taking care of her family) so she could successfully start her resume writing business.

ā€œIā€™m here to help others put their best foot forward in their career search. Just like the resume professional who helped me all those years ago.ā€