Job Rejection SUCKS
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I can’t tell you how many jobs I thought I was a 100% shoe-in for an interview that NEVER CALLED ME. Or how about the unicorn jobs where you get so excited and start daydreaming about your new career (and life) only to get the “We’ve decided to go in a different direction” email. What a blow to the ego; self-doubt starts creeping in and you question everything you thought you knew including if you’ll ever find a job.

Being rejected just sucks but it is just a reality of the job search. And trust me when I say that we have all been there; even those who seem to have it all together. Because the truth is – no one has it all together. Everyone has suffered from rejection, but we just don’t talk about it.

Now more than ever with so many people unemployed and looking for work the job market has become overwhelmingly in favor of employers. Talking to recruiters and watching job postings on LinkedIn and Indeed, some positions have upwards of hundreds of applicants. This is why putting your best resume product forward is the only hope you have and that is not guaranteed to work either (and make sure you get your resume in early!!).

Rejected Resume

Was there a mistake? Didn’t align your qualifications with the job posting? ATS screened you out for lack of keywords? Or maybe you just didn’t have all of the qualifications required? Maybe your salary requirements were too high? Maybe the person hired ended up being internal (or knew someone working at the company and was recommended for the position – this happens more than you think!). Maybe your resume was bland/boring and the recruiter passed right over it.

THIS IS WHY CUSTOMIZING YOUR RESUME IS SO IMPORTANT. Your resume appearance is the one thing you have some control over in the job search. Keep your audience in mind (ATS and recruiters) and make sure that every resume you submit is fully customized for the position. Take the time to put forth the effort into your resume and I promise you, it will pay off. I have several other blog posts on the subject of resume content and creation to help put your best foot forward – check them out!

Rejected Ego

Aside from the mechanics of your resume, the bruised ego sucks. I know it is difficult to not take rejection personal but that is the first step in accepting that rejection is just a part of life.

Once the haze of self-doubt starts lifting, I always try to look for the positive to get myself out of the dumps. I still struggle with this but I just keep reminding myself over and over to see the silver lining in everything. Because I deeply believe that we are all on a journey and that somethings are guided by fate and others are due to the choices we make. We don’t always know where we are going or where we will end up but trusting in yourself and having a little bit of faith will take you far.

I can now say that every rejection I’ve experienced in my career actually turned out to be for the best. Something better has always come along and each opportunity has opened doors that I never even imagined could be opened. You just have to keep trying, keep your head up, and believe in yourself.

So now, instead, of beating myself up over being rejected, I trust that something better and what is truly meant for me will come along. I learn from rejection. I claim it, own it, and no longer allow it to have power over me.  I grow from the bad experiences more than I ever will from the good and that’s okay. I’m okay saying I have failed a hundred times but all it took was one success.

Keep your head up job seeker – better days are ahead.

And if you need help after a Job rejection – resume help is closer than you think. We offer the best resume writing services with 100% satisfaction guaranteed and no templates are ever used.

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