How Much Does a Resume Writer Cost?

Just like any service-based business, the cost of a professional resume varies greatly by location, the amount of the client’s work experience, and the level of experience of the writer.

The only thing I am going to advise staying away from are the too good to be true deals to draft a resume. I’ve seen ads on Craiglist offering to write a resume for $50. Trust me when I say you do not want a Craiglist resume writer. I have had several clients come to me after trying to go the more economical route and their resumes were disastrous. There is no way that $50 would compensate a professional resume writer for all the time it would take to customize your resume. 

Also, fully customizing/designing and drafting a resume takes hours. You want a resume writer who is not using templates or fillable forms. I myself fully design each resume’s overall theme, colors, fonts, and descriptions to each client. No two resumes are the same. I take what I do very seriously. It is not just slapping words on an already designed template – EVERYTHING is custom and every detail thought out. 

You’re probably saying okay you still haven’t told me how much does a resume writer cost so here goes…

The biggest deciding factor in resume prices is most definitely the experience level of the writer. Top resume writers in the US can charge upwards of $1k for an executive resume. However, most resume writers charge anywhere between $200-$750 for their services. I suggest shopping around and interviewing potential resume writers until you find the professional who will fit your needs/time frame, budget, and even personality. 

I have been professionally writing resumes for almost four years now and for the first time raised my prices in January to $250 for a standard resume. The cost goes up from there so if you are an executive level professional the cost is $500. I also offer lower rates for high school students ($75) and recent college graduates ($150).

I also offer a wide array of ala carte services and always offer free resume reviews and consultations. Please feel free to send me your resume for a free review and consultation.